There’s more truth in story than anywhere else in the world

I started Storylance with a simple premise: 1. We make decisions emotionally. 2. Story is the most powerful avenue for triggering emotions. 3. Businesses aren’t leveraging story because frankly, they don’t quite know how.

My background is in filmmaking, which is why there is a cinematic production component to Storylance. But, film has been just my vehicle for something far more intriguing to me which is how to truly emotionally resonate with people. Whether that be an audience in a theatre or a market. People just want to feel things, people want to be inspired.

I have always been fascinated by the emotional nature of reality, and what I’m beginning to recognize is how much more people are feeling their way through life rather than thinking their way through life. There’s much more weight being given to our intuitive sense of things rather than the logic reasoning.

Through this, I’d go as far to say as we are discovering a brand new world. A world that we are recognizing from a deep rooted feeling inside and not necessarily with our eyes and ears. The significant thing here is that people are starting to make decisions based on this feeling place, or they are recognizing that it is always where we have been making decisions.

Life is such a complex, nuanced and subjective experience. We are all living in stories and guided by our emotions.

I’m not trying to conclude that there are these big dramatic narratives surrounding every situation, but I can’t help thats where my mind goes. What about any situation could be captivating if we just understood it in a different way? What if we had some context?

This is the perspective I am bringing to the business world. It’s a language that you can’t really quantify but you can know it and feel it. Every business really does have the power to leverage an authentic narrative that emotionally captures the market. It’s been proven over and over that branding with emotion is substantially more effective, but for some reason its unquantifiable nature leaves it criminally undervalued.

The world changing power of story and its influence is everywhere if we just paid a little more attention, we would clearly see it. I’d like to help businesses embrace the rarity that they are and stop being insecure in how they brand themselves. There’s so much rich content in who you are already and that is the content that will resonate the most — because its either that, or an imitation of something else.