There’s more truth in story than anywhere else in the world

I started Storylance with a simple premise: 1. We make decisions emotionally. 2. Story is the most powerful avenue for triggering emotions. 3. Businesses aren’t leveraging story because frankly, they don’t quite know how.

Story is what I have lived and breathed since I was young. I’ll see something as simple as a young boy walking his dog and my mind immediately gravitates towards to the potential emotional narrative surrounding it. You could make a captivating film about a young boy walking his dog. What if he used to walk the dog with his grandpa, and his grandpa recently passed and this is the first time he’s walked the dog alone? What if its a rescue dog and it’s taken months for them to build up a trust and this is the first time they’ve gone out? Maybe the boy has been begging for years for his parents to let him have a puppy, and this is his dream coming true.

I’m not trying to conclude that there are these big dramatic narratives surrounding every situation, but I can’t help thats where my mind goes. What about any situation could be captivating if we just understood it in a different way? What if we had some context?

Life is such a complex, nuanced and subjective experience. Every situation isn’t heavy and dramatic no, but I can guarantee there is much more depth than the surface simplicity of ‘boy walks dog.’ I’m willing to bet there’s a story there.

This is the perspective I am bringing to the business world. It’s a language that you can’t really quantify but you can know it and feel it. Every business really does have the power to leverage an authentic narrative that emotionally captures the market. It’s been proven over and over that branding with emotion is substantially more effective, but for some reason its unquantifiable nature leaves it criminally undervalued.

The world changing power of story and its influence is everywhere if we just paid a little more attention, we would clearly see it. I’d like to help businesses embrace the rarity that they are and stop being insecure in how they brand themselves. There’s so much rich content in who you are already and that is the content that will resonate the most — because its either that, or a cheap imitation of something else.