Captivate the market with a cinematic brand film.

We create powerful, essence driven, movie-like ads that will 10x your impact for a fraction of the cost.

Our objective is simple: Create a piece of cinema that speaks vividly from the deep rooted and sincere truth of your business. We aren’t interested in fleeting market trends but instead we leverage the only thing that uniquely belongs to you — your own brilliant vision.

The package includes: Full concept to delivery production of the core video (approx 1-2.5 mins, depending on objectives), as well as five 15 second social media ads edited from the footage, 25 still frame shots, and a comprehensive strategy to release and leverage the content.

Project 01: Regal Grooming Lounge

“The only reason we can make beautiful cinematic projects is because we understand that story is absolutely, without question, the most significant factor in a business resonating with the market. There is more truth in storytelling than almost anywhere in the world right now” – Greg Melanson, Storylance CEO

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Your Story

Your story is not only the heroic tale that represents your brand. It is your essence. It’s the emotional jolt people get when they think of you. Your story is the very fabric that makes your company uniquely relevant, continuously captivating and freshly on the minds of your target market. It is the unshakeable foundation that confidently shines bright the truth of who you are — and it informs absolutely everything.

Tell me more...

Nobody is falling for try-hard marketing anymore. Nobody likes the one in the room who is desperate to be heard. No, instead their attention is on the stallion — the one who projects an abundance of inherent value and sturdiness. Their energy is irresistibly potent, and you can’t ignore them. A company that sits firmly in their truth cannot be denied. Your story is the creative translation of that truth.

Story = Identity

Every company is its own rare expression, a brand new story to be told. Storylance will help dig deep and dive into that initial inspiration, that sacred moment when the idea was launched. When you identify and embrace your story, it will naturally flourish through your design, your messaging, your visual media, your social media, ads, insta-stories – literally everything. Iconic brands do not exist or thrive without story fuelling the fire.

The Crescendo

We’ll help you tell the story that communicates your promise, your value and your truth effectively and boldly. We understand that humans are natural storytellers, not information sharers. Story opens the valve for communication at the highest level – beyond words, even beyond thought. It’s your never ending supply of content and inspiration – it evokes trust, confidence and genuine love for what you do and who you are.

  • Greg has a very rare and dare I say magical gift of a true artist and story teller. He uses more than intelligence when he approaches his work, he uses heart and gut and soul.
    — Emery Bishop – CEO, Space Age
  • Greg has an incredible ability to capture the emotion and passion of individuals. His vision of marketing is refreshing and needed: in a sea of clickbaits, Greg creates timeless quality content that will take your company narrative to the next level.
    — Daniel Jacob – CEO, Changing Habits Solutions
  • Working with Greg on Mazlow -- crafting a story -- has given the company exponential value add, resonating with people in ways I couldn't have imagined.
    — Ravi Muti – CEO, Mazlow
  • Not only did we save months of work trying to define our story with an agency, we now have a compass and a lifetime reminder of the powerful core stuff that makes JTR truly unlike any other brand.
    — Matthew Joyce – CEO, JTR Services

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