Story Consultation Package includes:

  1. Six Hours Consultation – Together we’ll come up with the ideal narrative that fully and perfectly captures the essence of you and your brand. This will be through a process of determining the major why behind your business and core inspiration and motivational factors, which can be beautifully captured and translated through a literal or metaphorical storytelling lens. Once your story is clarified, you’ll have it as your foundational framework forever. 
  2. A fully comprehensive narrative-focused package – I’ll deliver a thorough strategy for how to best funnel this newly discovered clear and resonant narrative into all relevant avenues of your creative marketing. This package will be the foundational framework for all future creative marketing. It will be a template that eliminates any and all confusion about how to best communicate your value to your target market, in the most interesting and captivating way. Strategy will include how to translate your narrative into your messaging, design, social media, facebook ads, and visual media.
  3.  BONUS: Written content for visual media: I will conceptualize and write up to a 60 second commercial built completely on the story framework we’ve created. It will be incredibly resonant and effective for a visual media campaign, but they will be intended to be just the beginning of a campaign that can be built upon for years to come. I will write these according to your budget for visual media. Regardless if you decide to produce your videos with Storylance, I will write this content for you, and it will be yours.