A roaring testimonial to who you are as a business owner and a human being.

In an increasingly competitive market there is a very easy way to get an edge. Be honest.  Sounds simple but 99% of videos I see are somebody trying to fabricate a persona that matches their business or offer. We are hugely intuitive to that sort of thing, and we are tired of being fed fabricated sales pitches (aka being lied to).

That really didn’t work before, and once the world restarts from COVID I can promise you, the landscape will be different. Fabrication is out, truth is in.

The market wants to know if they can trust you, what better way than to dive in and give them a sincere snapshot of who you are. Not what you do, but who you are. What lights you up? What do you stand for? What’s the biggest problem in the world you’re trying to solve right now? Why does any of this matter?

It is simply about asking the right questions. It is human nature to walk around with a mask on, but what most don’t realize is that more than ever, the world is craving for people to reveal themselves truthfully.

“Greg has an incredible ability to reach & capture the emotion and passion of individuals. His vision of marketing is refreshing and needed: in a sea of clickbaits, Greg creates timeless quality content that will take your company narrative to the next level.” – Daniel Jacob, Changing Habits Solutions

“”Greg has a very rare and dare I say magical gift of a true artist and story teller. He uses more than intelligence when he approaches his work, he uses heart and gut and soul. I was honored to have a small sample of his gift bestowed on me when he agreed to interview me for the Leaders Manifesto program he built. ” – Emery Bishop, Space Age