Story Consulting With Greg.

I will give you clear and immediate advice on how to craft an undeniable narrative that emotionally captures your target market. How we get there is unique and will change depending on the client. It’s important to understand, there is a symbiotic relationship between you and your company. Your story — what inspired you to create? What are the big moments, the turning points in your life? All of it is relevant and integral and specific to your business, I will show you exactly why.

My experience as a storyteller runs deep. It began from deciding I would be a filmmaker at 18, and continued through University where my thesis was on how to create emotionally captivating art from authenticity versus manipulative tactics. I’ve written several films, directed even more including music videos and corporate work, and I’ve been an instructor at the Vancouver Film School.

Our conversations will provide clarity of exactly what the most impactful story at the heart of your business is, and we’ll talk several ideas on how to utilize story in order to clarify your messaging and streamline your marketing.